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Build your own checkout experience.

Do it yourself without the compliance headaches or spending hours of development time. Our JavaScript libraries and mobile SDKs allows you to deliver a secure and seamless checkout experience that works great in-app or on the web.

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Limited technical skills?
Fear not.

We plug in easily to platforms you already work with, providing you all the nuts & bolts required to streamline your commerce without the need of a skilled developer.

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One step payment solution

The complete set of powerful payment features that allows fast, flexible and seamless experiences all ready built-in — helping you increase your bottom line and grow your business even bigger.

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White label, no redirect

Process payments under your own brand, look and feel. We stay completely invisible to your users and never redirect them off site.

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Secure by default

Every transaction is guarded from start to finish. The platform is built to be secure and operates under the highest level of security standards.

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Automate payouts

Conveniently send money to sub-merchants, suppliers, or any third-party bank account you need to pay as part of doing your business.

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Perfect companion for growing businesses

One integration allows you to easily tap into other markets across SEA without having to search for local payment providers or deal with compliance headaches everywhere you grow.

Powering payments for leading brands.

Trusted by thousands, from startups to multinationals across Southeast Asia.

if user.need_payment?
  gateway = search_gateway({ simple: true, secure: true })
  puts gateway # => Omise

# Clean and easy-to-use APIs that comes with comprehensive
# documentation to help you get started as quickly as possible.
# Libraries and SDKs that support most programming languages.









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