3.65% per transaction
  • No setup cost
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum commitment
+S$0.30 per transaction
  • No setup cost
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum commitment
2.95% per transaction
  • No setup cost
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum commitment


Omise enterprise solutions are delivered with a tiered pricing structure. Get in touch for details.

  • Highly scalable infrastructure
  • 99.99% service uptime
  • Industry solutions

Only pay for what you use.

The same percentage-based fee applies across all payment methods.

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Credit & debit cards

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Internet banking


Withdraw fee us 8abce7254e932139835bbde76f5bd6ac8e68a0d821262eee1cd73097fd525705

A transfer fee applies whenever you transfer funds from your
Omise account to a connected bank account.

Coin us 3491fa69edf5f0290945e95cfef5f2e935c5218d052e9548dd3a9eea91309313
THB 30 per transfer

For transactions under THB 2 million

Banknote c3e879b1f908f0b999a93402b0d9dc0c829294a6b5cf785aa273200fbe4df1be
THB 150 per transfer

For transactions over THB 2 million

See the cost breakdown
Question d7b36b64bae437f54e674b5b3f988caa73a7abf65dc463f4fe3954c68adc4178

Can I get a lower fee from Omise?

Of course. Eligibility for lowering the transaction fee is determined and calculated based on your monthly sales volume and average charge amount (basket size).

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Question d7b36b64bae437f54e674b5b3f988caa73a7abf65dc463f4fe3954c68adc4178

How to calculate the refund and dispute fee?

We don't charge you when making a return to problematic transactions. However, the original transaction fee won't be returned.

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