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Omise Through My Eyes.


Throughout the past 1-year-and-10-month working as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager here at Omise Thailand, work is a new adventure for me everyday. On a happiness scale of 1–10, I’d definitely say it’s a solid 10.

Omise is not just a place; it is rather the people, who make Omise what it is today. There’s a saying that if you were a color yellow and Omise was green, we would make a perfect color of blue. This mean Omise is flexible to adapt ourselves towards each other and blend in smoothly.

So, how are Omisians like? As an Executive Assistant, I would like to share some points of our Executives that outsiders may not know. Dear Jun and Donnie, if you are reading this, I am sorry, but we do promote transparency in the workplace, don’t we? ;)

Jun — our energetic CEO and Founder. He is so much different from other CEOs I have ever met! He doesn’t wear a black tailor-made suit with leather shoes, but rather an Omise logo embroidered T-shirt with a pair of cool jeans and limited edition sneakers.

His desk is not in a separated room, but in the center of the office by the doorway. So, it is nothing unusual if you come by the office and Jun would hold the door open for you. It is his choice to be seated in the center in order to be open and reachable for everyone.

Donnie — our positive mind-force COO and Co-founder. Known among the few that he was featured in modelling and advertising industry in his teens. He speaks 3 languages — Thai, English, and Japanese — all fluently.

He likes to introduce himself to new joiners as an Omise janitor and you would believe it seeing him changing the light bulbs. He goes around the office just to greet everyone and ask how things are going, lightening up Omisians’ day. No wonder down to earth and humbleness have always been Omise’s values.

Jun and Donnie are perfect combination for us; when one is super energetic, it is good to have another with positive mindset to cheer up and balance it out.

Working closely with the Executives, I know how much their pleasant personality is reflected in the office environment. As an Office Manager, I take care of all co-workers’ health and wellbeing, as well as, office management and maintenance.

We care of all Omisians and treat them like family members. Our goal is to make the office feel like home. The seating in the office is quite flexible with no fixed position. One can move around and find the spot he or she feels like working in each day. We can choose not to come in and work remotely from home or a favorite coffee shop.

Around the office, there are several living areas with sofas and bean bags. We don’t mind if you are more comfortable lying down to code. Plus, the lighting is in warm white tone. Do you agree that warm white is more cozy than cool white tone?

An army marches on its stomach. A pantry full of snacks and refreshments for Omisian army is one of the goal for Office Manager to fulfil. Foods are a great way to boost energy and productivity. Not only working is more enjoyable, but also more efficient, when the stomach is not growling.

Did I already tell you about our little CEOs — Plasma and Azuki? Plasma is a Golden Retriever and Azuki is a kitten. We work in a pet-friendly environment and both are surely the dearest in the office. Their role is to reduce stress and lift up our spirits. Sometimes we also have friends for them as pets are allowed to bring in.

Imagine putting it all together; I come to work in the morning with to-do list in queue, but first get some bites and coffee from the pantry. Then, start working on a soft sofa under the warm white light. Suddenly, the interruptions occur — Jun needs me to run a quick errand, an unexpected visitor needs attention, my co-worker needs help fixing her computer, and so much more to list out. Finally, all on my to-do list gets to be done at the end of the day.

It is so much fun working here. With the visions of our beloved Jun and Donnie, Omise has become the best place in my life to work at and I really love my job. Do you agree with the quote that says “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”? Well, I totally do!

One thing I got out of my job is that, as a startup, the things that matter is not always where it takes you to, but rather the journey along the way to get there. So, we care about every little things which contribute to who we are today. No matter how fast we walk, we make sure to take every step firmly and in harmony.

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