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How to set up Omise notifications?

Last updated on October 21, 2021

The Omise team communicates with you on a regular basis. We share information on everything from monthly invoices, payment disputes, product updates, service maintenance and incident reports — all these messages, by default, are sent to the email used to register for an account with us.

To ensure that the right message gets to the right person in your organization, we’d like to introduce you to the different types of notifications and each of their communication channels.

Status alerts

The Omise system status, upcoming maintenance schedules and incident reports are available on

Service alerts image

There is the option for you to subscribe and receive service alerts via email, SMS or through Slack. You can manage your subscription preference under “Subscribe to updates” on the page.

Transaction information

You can manage notifications for receipts/invoices, payment disputes and links under ”Email subscriptions” on your Omise dashboard.

transaction infomation image

Product updates and exclusive offers

Subscribe to the Omise newsletter to receive the latest information on new product launches, feature releases, and marketing campaigns.

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