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How do I transfer (withdraw) my balance?

Last updated on July 13, 2023

It’s simple to transfer money from your Omise account to a connected bank account. There are two ways you can do this. You can either implement the Transfer API or set up a transfer through your dashboard.

The concept of transfers at Omise is similar to bank transfers, however we batch them and process them once a day. You are able to initiate as many transfers as you may require, but the oldest one will be sent first. The amount of funds you transfer must not exceed the amount in your 'Transferable balance'.

In this article we will be going through the steps to help you set up a fund transfer through the dashboard. Read through Transferring funds to learn how to use our API to send funds to bank accounts.

The image below shows an overview of the transfer process.

Transfer money to default recipient

Payments you receive from your customers are kept on hold. During this period the collected funds are kept under your 'On hold' balance. Once it's cleared, the amount will automatically be moved to your 'Transferable balance'. You can find the amount available for transfer in your account under 'Transferable balance'. Once a transfer is initiated, the request is first sent to the bank for verification before the funds are deposited to your bank account.

To create a transfer you must have a minimum of 30 THB in your transferable balance and there cannot be another incomplete transfer being processed.

Conditions for processing transfers:

  • A business day, Monday to Friday and not a bank holiday
  • The requested amount for transfer is within your transferable balance
  • Scheduled transfers are sent to the bank to process at 8AM
  • Manual transfers are sent to the bank to process at 9AM (if the process is not successful, systems will retry again at 10AM)

Funds will be deposited into the recipient's bank account on the next business day.

Creating a transfer

First, log in to your dashboard and go to the 'Transfers' menu. Next, click on 'Set up a transfer'. (You will only find this option if you meet the requirements mentioned above.)

Transfer creation

Then, choose to do either a full or partial transfer.

Failed and pending transfers

An unsuccessful transfer will be marked as Failed, while transfers that are on hold - waiting for the right conditions to be met - will be marked Pending.



  • Transfers that are lower than or equal to THB 2 million are charged at THB 30 per transaction.
  • Transfers that are over THB 2 million are charged at THB 150 per transaction.


  • No transfer fee

Japan - Transfers are changed at JPY 260 per transaction

(Transfer fees are set by the bank and cannot be negotiated.)

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