Transferring funds


The following requirement must be met for a transfer to be created:

  • There must be over 30 THB in your available balance.


Default recipient

By default, a recipient is created for you in TEST mode once you sign up with Omise. However, once you get your live account, a new live recipient is created for you using your registration information and bank account.

Third party recipient

You can create as many recipients as you want. Each recipient has its own bank account information. We allow transferring the balance to these recipient.

Create a recipient

The following command demonstrates how to create a recipient using CURL

curl \
-d "name=James Smith"
-d ""
-d "description=My first other recipient" \
-d "type=individual"
-d "bank_account[brand]=test" \
-d "bank_account[number]=acc12345" \
-d "bank_account[name]=James Smith"

By default, recipients are Inactive and non-verified. In order to be operational, recipients have to go through 2 steps: Verification and Activation.

Visit recipient api For more API references.

Recipient verification

The recipient verification is done by Omise. We normally take 1-2 days for this. The verification result can be either Verified or Failed.

Recipient detail

Recipient activation

You can activate recipients independently from the verification process. By default, the recipient is inactive unless you activate it. Activation is done by going to the recipient details and clicking on "Activate the recipient".

Remember that both activation and verification must be successful before transfers become possible.

Recipient activation

Transfer to default recipient

Below is a sample code showing how to create a transfer to the default recipient

curl \
  -X POST \
  -d "amount=350000"

# Transfer 3500 THB to default recipient

Transfer to third party recipient

Transferring funds to a third party recipient is similar except that you have to specify the recipient id to transfer to. Here is an example:

curl \
  -X POST \
  -d "amount=350000"
  -d "recipient=recp_test_4z6p7e0m4k40txecj5o"

# Transfer 3500 THB to recipient #recp_test_4z6p7e0m4k40txecj5o

Transfer timeline

Transfers are initiated on weekdays before 10 AM. Funds will be available in the recipient's bank account on the next business day.

Keep in mind that the exact timing of each transfer can vary depending on multiple factors. If an error occurs, the transfer will be retried again on the next day.