The Great Room

Customer: The Great Room
Interviewee: Yvonne Yeo, Director of Expansion and Operations and Wan Qian Chew, Events & Marketing Manager

The Great Room is expanding rapidly. From one to three locations in Singapore, as well as opening up two new locations in Thailand. The systems and payment gateway integrations that we used prior were not available in the markets we were expanding into. In need of a payment gateway that could support the business during expansion into new markets, The Great Room looks to Omise.

The Great Room Bangkok

The Great Room is co-working inspired by hospitality. It is designed for those who love the concept of community and a dynamic shared space, but aren’t willing to sacrifice their standards of performance, comfort and aesthetics.

"In many of the world’s finest homes, a space known as The Great Room forms the heart of the property. It’s an area that lends itself to quiet discussion, moments of thought and study but also serves spectacularly for meeting, socializing and entertaining. It’s a superb spot for a think or a drink, for business or for pleasure. That is the story behind the name and our vision of becoming the modern-day version of a place where people got together. In 2016, The Great Room was born to change the way people work, meet and socialize.”

Why Omise?

Omise is a valued partner with fast and reliable support, caring service and most importantly true value for the quality of service rendered. Omise is also integrated with **[OfficeRnD](**, our co-working management software, allowing for automation and efficient operational flow. This also allows our members have ease of access to make payment.

"We have looked at other options but found that the response rate and support is not as great as Omise. Also, the systems were not connected to our office management system, hence affecting the experience efficiency for both our members and team.”

How is Omise helping?

The Great Room offers a range of flexible office solutions from dedicated office spaces, hot desks to day passes. These are available to both members and non-members. Having the right tools in place so that the staff members can easily accept payments and streamline the entire process is important. The Great Room currently uses Omise to collect monthly co-working rental from members, and also collecting event payments on an ad-hoc basis.

Dashboard sample

Photo caption: The Great Room works with OfficeRnD to create a portal where members can check the record of all payments previously made, and can also manage their credit cards.

Some of the payment features that The Great Room find useful are;

  • Option to create a payment link. This is really useful for non-members who pay The Great Room for events. A link with the exact payment amount can easily be created and shared with the client.
  • Access from one system across the platform of all our offices in Singapore and Thailand.
  • The ability to save a member’s card for future payments. Our system can also – at the member’s option – automatically charge the outstanding amount each month on the member’s card.
  • Access to the dashboard which gives a quick overview of charges and transfers.
  • Having the control on transfer frequency and amount.

The results

“We love partnering with Omise and would definitely recommend the service. Omise aids and supports our day-to-day operational needs, making operations and customer experience efficient and seamless. We have received positive comments from both internal team members and end-users.”

Interested in accepting online payments with Omise? We'd be happy to chat!

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