Balance Transfers

For those who don't want to implement the Transfers API, we give the option to transfer the balance directly from the Dashboard.

Transfer money to default recipient

Once a transfer is initiated through the dashboard, the request is first sent to the bank for verification before the funds are deposited to your bank account. The amount available for transfer is displayed under the Transferable balance while the total amount received is displayed under On hold. We hold received funds for 7 days before it is moved to the transferable balance.

The following requirements must be met for a transfer to be created:

  • There must be over 30 THB in your available balance.
  • There cannot be another incomplete transfer being processed.

Create a transfer

First, log in to the dashboard and go to the Transfers page:

Transfer creation

Assuming you meet the requirements, the "Transfer" button will appear.

Clicking on it gives you the choice to do a full or partial transfer:

Refund creation


In test mode, you can change the transfer status from the dashboard as well. Open the transfer you want to edit and click on the corresponding button:

Status button