Getting Started

You can easily plug the Omise Payment Gateway service into your Shopify store and start accepting card payments. No programming knowledge is required.

Currency support

  • Merchants that have registered with Omise in Japan and Singapore are be able to accept payments in the store's local currency (JPY and SGD respectively).
  • Merchants that have registered with Omise in Thailand have the option to accept payments in THB, GBP, USD, SGD, and EUR. Settlement will be in THB. To start accepting a foreign currency on your Shopify store, enable your preferred currency in your Shopify account settings, then contact the Omise team to enable the multi-currency feature on your Omise account.


Our solution has not yet been tested with any of the many 3rd party multi-currency solutions available for Shopify and we cannot guarantee it will work.

Installation Instructions

Log in to your Omise dashboard, and follow the instructions below to install and enable Omise-Shopify on your Shopify store.

  1. On the menu on the left-hand side, under Integrations, select Third Party Integrations. You will find Shopify listed. Click Enable. Omise-Shopify Installation Instruction 02

  2. Once enabled, you will see 2 new keys; the account ID and the secret key. You will need these keys when setting up. They serve the purpose of linking your Omise account to your store. To start the set up, click Go to Shopify settings. Omise-Shopify Installation Instruction 03

  3. Shopify's Payment Provider Installation page will open in a new tab. Click on Install payment provider. Omise-Shopify Installation Instruction 04

  4. You will be redirected to Shopify's Payment Providers page. Fill out your Account ID and Secret fields with the keys from your Omise account (from step 2). Once done, click Activate. Omise-Shopify Installation Instruction 05

  5. Congrats! You have now completed the installation process. Omise-Shopify Installation Instruction 06

  6. On the Shopify Payment Provider page you have the option to set the capture of charges to Manual or Automatic.

Creating charges

Once Omise has been installed on your store, your customers will have the option to pay through Omise at checkout.

Omise-Shopify Create Charges 01

  1. To process payments through the Omise payment gateway, simply select Omise, and click on Complete order.

  2. You will be redirected to Omise's payment page, and a payment form will appear on the screen. Omise-Shopify Create Charges 02

  3. To complete the payment, fill out the details required, and click on Pay.

  4. If the charge is succesful, Omise will redirect you back to the Thank you page on your Shopify store.

Omise-Shopify Create Charges 03

  1. If the charge failed, Omise will redirect the user back to the checkout page. An informative error message (sent from Omise) will also be displayed, indicating the cause of the error.

Omise-Shopify Create Charges 04