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How much does Omise cost?

Last updated on June 05, 2020

Omise charges you per transaction. Aside from the transaction fee, 10% VAT is applied on top of that. With Omise, there are no upfront fees, fixed costs, or monthly minimums. You can start and stop using us anytime at no extra charge.

You can check the fee for each payment method here.

Calculating the Omise fee

Suppose you send a charge (credit card - Visa) of 10,000 JPY to Omise. The Omise transaction fee will be 295 (2.95%) and we apply 10% VAT on top of the fee (295 * 10%) which is 30 JPY.

The total fee for this particular transaction would be 325 JPY (295 + 30).

Thus, we will credit to your account 9,675 JPY, which is your balance.


Charge amount: 10,000.00 +  
Omise fee: 295 -  
VAT: 30 -  
Your balance: 9,675

The Charges API will return the full amount, but the Transactions API will give you the final amount with VAT and Tax deducted.

Calculating the transfer fee

When transfering funds, we charge a 260 JPY fee per transfer

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