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World Entrepreneurs' Day 2020: Lessons from Ezra Don Harinsut



He’s been featured in modelling and advertising in his teens and he’s no stranger to different types of cycling and weightlifting.

Ezra may not fit the conventional image of a business entrepreneur but it’s the same determination that resulted in creating one of the leading fintech startups in Southeast Asia.

The most frequent question entrepreneurs get asked is “Where did your idea for the business come from?” From a “solution to a problem” perspective, he says that “there was a pain point around online payment in the whole market, so we decided to pivot.”

On World Entrepreneur’s Day we met Ezra to ask him a couple of questions and discover a few things on what really underscores his decision-making process.

What do you enjoy most in your current role?

Working closely with other executives to take Omise to the next level. Applying new changes to our organization to achieve our goals. Getting to know other employees better and hear their thoughts on the company's new directions.

Would you quit your job if you won a lottery and never had to work again?

I don’t buy lottery tickets, so I guess I will need to keep on working.

Why are you working in fintech?

It is a need to resolve my own pain point. Payment and other financial services have been playing a significant role in our daily lives. I am excited to see how it improves and how it will impact our future.

What one advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run their own company one day?

Not an easy journey but once you get in, it’s very addictive. So don’t give up if you fail over and over again, you will find your sweet spot eventually. Being an entrepreneur is all about perseverance!

What’s the best way to keep your eye on future results?

Data never lies. Keeping track is crucial!

When is breaking rules okay?

When it has a positive impact.

What have you learned from your parents?

A type of parent that will not hesitate to throw you into the pool to learn how to swim. That’s how I was trained to be independent.

What would your best friend say they like the most and the least about you?

Easy going but needs to say “NO” better.

What 3 books would you recommend everyone to read?

The Bible, Trillion Dollar Coach and Competitive Strategy by Michael E. Porter.

What dreams and goals inspired you to succeed?

To build tools to help people have more time for things that matter. Life’s short!

When things get tough, what keeps you going?

Fine single malt!

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