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What are the different types of PayNow QR?

Last updated on November 05, 2021

What is PayNow UEN, static QR and Dynamic QR?

Unique Entity Number (UEN) is the standard identification number of registered entities issued in Singapore. Enterprises can link their UEN to PayNow service to accept and transfer funds without disclosing their bank account information.

Static QR is a QR code that contains fixed information, in this case, the owner’s bank account number. It is generated once and can be used multiple times

Dynamic QR is, on the other hand, single-use and editable. One bank account can be used to generate multiple QR codes, each with unique, customized data such as a fixed total amount or other information.

What is the difference between Dynamic and Static QR?

  • Static QR codes are only embedded with the merchant’s account information. The total amount is later specified by customers at checkout.

While static QR allows merchants to accept all payments through a single QR code, it does not embody other information. Thus, merchants are entirely liable for all payment reconciliation.

  • Dynamic QR codes make it possible for merchants to send pre-filled payment forms to customers which significantly reduces the payment process down to 3 simple steps: share, scan, and pay.

Merchants can create QR codes embedded with the amount due, as well as metadata, such as invoice number, product ID, customer’s name, etc. Customers can simply scan and pay without inputting anything themselves. This unique feature becomes a helpful tool for merchants seeking to improve payment flow automation.

Static QR vs Dynamic QR

Discover more details about the difference between static and dynamic QR, as well as how dynamic QR helps improve e-commerce experience.

Omise’s PayNow solution is based on dynamic QR. Merchants can integrate PayNow as a payment option on their online and offline POS by connecting our API to your online store or get paid via OmisePay application.

To encourage your customers to pay with dynamic QR, we suggest you put a note on your website reminding your customers not to pay with UEN.

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