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Unlock your business potential in Asia with Alipay+


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One in two people are expected to use mobile wallets by 2025, with Asia being the fastest growing region in terms of e-wallet adoption.

Reach shoppers across Asia with the most used digital wallets in Asia and catch the growth opportunity before anyone. Omise now accepts payments via six new e-wallets so your business can expand seamlessly.

Why e-wallet?

An e-wallet is a local payment option that allows customers to make payments upfront right from their smartphones. And because this payment method is non-bank, customers without a bank account or credit card can also pay. It is a more inclusive option businesses should consider.

Why Alipay+?

  • Integrate only once, add any wallets you want (no additional licensing or regulatory requirements)
  • Accept multiple currencies. Settle payments in your local currency.
  • Payment information is autofill for faster checkout
  • Automatic currency exchange
  • Automatically select the right wallet for each market

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What's in it for you?

Expand your business into new markets across Asia with six leading digital wallets

Alipay (China)

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Alipay is a popular payment option that shoppers use to make payments online from their digital wallet. It is a must-have for businesses looking to expand sales into the fast-growing Chinese market.

  • No set up of Chinese bank account required
  • Over 870 million registered users
  • Take advantage of Alipay's marketing promotions

AlipayHK (Hong Kong)

AlipayHK logo

This e-wallet covers a wide range of payment categories, allowing seamless mobile payments. It is a crucial tool in creating hassle-free online shopping experience for customers in Hong Kong.

  • Over 2.7 million users nationwide
  • Preferred payment method in Hong Kong

GCash (the Philippines)

GCash logo

An e-wallet from the Philippines, owned by Alibaba Group and Ayala Group of Companies, GCash is currently one of the fastest growing e-wallets in Southeast Asia.

  • 33 million active users
  • A popular local e-wallet among shoppers in the Philippines

Dana (Indonesia)

Dana logo

An all-in-one e-wallet from Indonesia which allows users to make everyday payments right on its application.

  • Expand into Indonesia, one of the biggest e-wallet markets in SEA
  • Reach 30+ million users

KakaoPay (South Korea)

KakaoPay logo

A leading digital wallet provider from South Korea frequently used in online and offline stores nationwide.

  • Preferred by tech-savvy shoppers in South Korea
  • Over 35 million users

Touch 'n Go (Malaysia)

Touch 'n Go logo

A fast-growing Malaysian digital wallet and online payment platform, and one of the most popular payment methods among the younger generations.

  • Enter one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Asia
  • Attract 15+ million new audience in Malaysia

Expand your e-commerce potential
Start accepting payment through Asia's top e-wallets.

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