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Tips to minimise disputes and chargebacks

Last updated on June 05, 2019

Once in a while sale transactions just don’t run as smoothly as they should. The cardholder files a dispute, requesting the card issuing bank to reverse the paid amount.

Why do disputes occur?

These are some common reasons:

  1. The cardholder claims that the purchased item or service was not delivered
  2. Item received is not as described
  3. Unauthorized transaction

When cardholders come across such situations they may file a dispute, asking the card issuing bank to return the paid amount. This is what we call a chargeback. We will contact you and provide recommendations in resolving the case.

How can disputes be prevented?

Provide contact information Some cases may not end up as disputes if only the customer had your contact information and the chance to get things straight with you beforehand.

Respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner
It's always best to respond to your clients inquiries quickly and professionally.

Suggest possible dispute resolutions
It's best to prevent disputes from happening in the first place. Whenever your client tells you they intend to file a dispute, try your best to resolve the issue with them first.

Clearly state the return and refund policies
Make sure your return and refund policy is clearly stated and made easy to understand. This can be to your advantage whenever clients claim they are unable to find the return policy.

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