Start accepting card payments on your Shopify store using Omise. No programming required.

How to enable

  1. On your Omise Dashboard, select Third Party Integrations on the sidebar.
    Click Enable under Shopify.

    Installation 1

  2. This generates a new integration Account ID and corresponding Secret. These settings will be used to link your Omise account to your Shopify store. Click Go to Shopify settings to install Omise as a payment provider on your Shopify store.

    Installation 2

  3. Click Install payment provider.

    Installation 3

  4. You will be redirected to Shopify's Payment providers page. Click Choose third-party provider.

    Installation 4

  5. Select Omise payment (Credit/debit cards) to configure.

    Installation 5

  6. Enter your Account ID and Secret from Step 2 and click Activate Omise payment (Credit/debit cards).

    Installation 6

  7. Your Payment providers page should now include Omise.

    Installation 6

Payment flow

Once the Omise payment provider has been activated, customers will have the option to pay through Omise at checkout. The following screenshots demonstrate the payment flow using the Omise payment provider on Shopify.

  1. The customer selects Omise and clicks Complete order

    Create Charges 1

  2. The customer is redirected to the Omise payment form. They enter their details and click Pay

    Create Charges 2

  3. On success, the customer is redirected to the Thank You Page on your Shopify store.

    Create Charges 3

  4. On failure, the customer is redirected to the checkout page. The checkout page displays an error message from Omise indicating the cause of the failure.

    Create Charges 4

Supported features


To start accepting foreign currencies on your Shopify store:

  1. Enable your preferred currencies in your Shopify account settings
  2. Enable multi-currency on your Omise account.

Our solution has not yet been tested with any of the many 3rd party multi-currency solutions available for Shopify and we cannot guarantee it will work.

Automatic and Manual Charge Capture

On the Shopify Payment Provider page, you have the option to Automatically or Manually capture payment for orders.