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Accept payments through Omise on your Shopify-based online store.
No programming required.

Supported payment methods

  • Credit and Debit Cards

Do you need a payment method not currently supported? Please contact support.


  1. On your Omise Dashboard, select Third Party Integrations on the sidebar.
    Click Enable under Shopify.

    Installation 1

  2. This generates a new integration Account ID and corresponding Secret. These settings will be used to link your Omise account to your Shopify store. Click Go to Shopify settings to install Omise as a payment provider on your Shopify store.

    Installation 2

  3. Click Install payment provider.

    Installation 3

  4. You will be redirected to Shopify's Payment providers page. Click Choose third-party provider.

    Installation 4

  5. Select Omise payment (Credit/debit cards) to configure.

    Installation 5


Connect your Omise account. This enables your customers to make payments on your store through Omise.

In your Shopify admin interface:

  1. Enter your Account ID and Secret from Step 2 and click Activate Omise payment (Credit/debit cards).

    Installation 6

  2. Your Payment providers page should now include Omise.

    Installation 6

Enabling 3DS

If you would like to process 3DS (also known as 3-D Secure) charges, please contact support to enable 3DS on your account. This plugin automatically supports processing both 3DS and non-3DS charges.


If you're having issues with this plugin, please contact support.

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