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Selling alcohol online in Thailand


The Royal Gazette recently announced the prohibition of online sales of alcoholic beverages in Thailand. This new regulation will be effective from 7 December 2020 onward. Then, prohibited activities include the direct sales of alcohol online, as well as persuasion, introducing alcoholic products or related services via electronic channels that allow for retail transactions for alcohol to occur without physically meeting.

Once the new regulation becomes effective, Omise will no longer be able to accept payments for some of these goods.

Businesses Omise can continue to support

  • Event organizer and catering services, that provide alcohol as part of a bigger food and drinks package (such as wedding catering)
  • Sale of alcohol in-person in a restaurant, shop or bar.

Businesses Omise cannot continue to support

  • Direct sales of alcohol online, irrespective if for delivery or pick up.
  • Restaurant or supermarket alcohol home delivery.

Current merchants requiring more information or support, please reach out to support@omise.co or call 02 252 8777, between 08:00 and 20:00 (except public holidays).

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