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RTDK campaign: How to pay on the Paotung application

Last updated on September 18, 2020

To pay for you reservation through the RTDK campaign, open up your Paotung application.

Please be reminded that you must be verified to participate in the campaign, and that your G-Wallet must be connected with the RTDK campaign to make payments. Learn more on how to use the Paotung app here.

There are 3 payment options available:
- Card payment (Visa, Mastercard and JCB)
- PromptPay (QR Code)
- TrueMoney Wallet

When you're ready to make payments, go to the Paotung application and click on G-Wallet. Go to เราเที่ยวด้วยกัน and you will find the payment links from the hotel(s) you made a reservation. Click on the link to verify the booking information. If everything is correct, click pay to choose your preferred payment method.

first step of payment

Card payment

  1. Fill in your payment details in the field provided
  2. Click “Pay”
  3. Enter the OTP you recieve via SMS
  4. Click confirm, and you're done!

card payment step

PromptPay (QR Code)

  1. Click “Pay with PromptPay” and you will see the total payment amount
  2. The QR Code will appear on the screen, click “Download QR Code”. This will save the QR Code to your photo album. Open up your preferred mobile banking app, and click upload.
  3. Follow the general payment process of the mobile banking app.

promptpay payment step

TrueMoney Wallet

  1. Choose TrueMoney Wallet
  2. Enter your phone number registered with the app and click send OTP
  3. Verify the payment amount displayed and enter the OTP received via SMS
  4. Click verify to complete payments

TMNW flow

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