Available only in Thailand


Enable 49+ million people across Thailand to scan their way through your checkout

If you love seamless payments, you'll love PromptPay

PromptPay simplifies the way non-card holders pay for goods and services online. With this service, you can do away with displaying multiple bank account numbers on your website, while your customers can simply scan to make their payment. PromptPay enables instant payments to be made through mobile banking apps offered by most banks in Thailand.

Accept payments with peace of mind

Each QR code generated has all payment information embedded — merchant statement name, expiration date and time, as well as the payment amount pre-filled.

Eliminate friction at checkout

Customers can make payments through their preferred bank and avoid having to create a new account, enter credit card information or even look for their wallet.

Know when you are paid

Get instant notifications whenever you are paid. With full visibility of each payment’s status, you no longer have to double check with your customer or ask for a bank transfer slip.

Unified reporting dashboard

All transactions are consolidated in one place, regardless of payment method. Get access to in-depth payment data, easily search for transactions, and download customized reports.

Get paid in 3 simple steps

User scans or uploads the QR

The user scans or uploads the QR code using their mobile banking application

User confirms payment

The user verifies the payment amount that has already been pre-filled and confirms payment

You receive funds

Funds are instantly transferred from the user's bank account into your Omise account

Open up your business for more business

Start accepting PromptPay on your e-commerce website or mobile application today

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