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Fast and easy payment from individual users to businesses, supported by nine banks across Singapore.

Simplicity redefined

No more cash, no more cards. Join the seamless revolution.

PayNow helps your business receive secure and instant payments across Singapore. Your customers can make payments seamlessly either by scanning or uploading the QR code from their device.

The simplicity of PayNow includes;

  • Pre-filled payment amount and reference code for easy reconciliation
  • Instant authorization for faster check-out
  • Available across all devices
  • No credit card required to make purchases
  • Pay securely 24/7 across Singapore

Available on

Accepting payments has never been easier

Let PayNow users speed through checkout when shopping at your store

User scans or uploads the QR

The user makes a payment through their internet banking application by scanning or uploading the QR

User confirms payment

The user can double-confirm if the transaction details are correct before confirming the payment

Receive funds

Once the payment has been confirmed, the funds will be transferred to your Omise account immediately

Widely used across Singapore

Open your business to more than 3 million users by accepting PayNow

Start accepting PayNow today

Our local support team is here to help you through every step

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