More ways to get paid with Omise

Domestic or international, online or over-the-counter, your customers will always find popular payment options they prefer.

Credit/Debit card


Visa Mastercard Jcb


Visa Mastercard Jcb Diners Amex

Cards are a dominant payment option worldwide. Sell to a larger audience by accepting payments from universally recognized card brands.

  • Instant authorization and quick settlement time
  • Unparalleled payment processing scalability
  • Offer additional security through 3-D Secure

Installment payments

Available only in Thailand


Rather than making payments in full amount, you can give customers the control and flexibility they need. Allow them to split payments into smaller amounts which they can pay off at regular intervals over a fixed period.

  • Customers have more purchase power, meaning that you can get more buyers to your checkout
  • Choose whether you or your customer absorbs the interest
  • Allow up to 36 installments

Internet Banking





Internet banking is a payment option based on online banking, representing a substantial percentage in the e-payments mix. The customer completes transactions online in their online banking environment; having funds debited from their bank account right away.

  • Automatic redirection to and from bank-operated page
  • Payment amount and reference numbers pre-filled, making it effortless for buyers to pay
  • Store name displayed on bank-operated payment page to keep consistency and avoid confusion


Available only in Japan

Pay easy

Pay-easy allows your customers to make payments at ATM machines and online banking services that are offered by various financial institutions in Japan. Customers can make payments 24/7, either at the nearest ATM or through mobile banking in the comfort of their homes.

  • Extend your reach. Customers without cards can also make purchases from your store.
  • Reduced errors. Account number and all the required payment information is pre-filled for the customer.
  • Highly flexible. Customers that change their mind last minute, can make payments at a convenience store.
  • Supported by popular financial institutions including, Mizuho Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, MUFG Bank, among others.


Available only in Thailand


Alipay is a popular payment option that shoppers based in China use to make payments online from their Alipay digital wallets. Alipay currently has over 450 million registered users, and is a must-have for businesses looking to expand sales into the fast-growing Chinese market.

  • No set up of Chinese bank account required
  • Customers pay in CNY, while funds are settled in your local currency
  • Have your store name displayed on Alipay’s payment page so customers know exactly who they’re paying

Bill payment

Available only in Thailand


A large percentage of shoppers still prefer to pay by cash over-the-counter, and the most preferred payment outlet today is Tesco Lotus. The buyer presents a generated barcode at any cashier counter to complete payments.

  • A convenient payment option for buyers without plastic cards or a bank account
  • Currently over 1800 locations across the country including 24-hour service Lotus Express stores

Pay with Points

Available only in Thailand


Points are now as good as cash
Pay with Points provides businesses with an alternative payment option for customers who have outstanding reward points. Instead of paying with cash, Citi cardholders can now use their points to redeem goods and services.

  • Cater to Citi cardholders who have outstanding reward points
  • No pre-sale or post-sale redemption process
  • Allow over 1 million cardholders to Pay with Points at your store

TrueMoney Wallet

Available only in Thailand


Cash is from the past. Increase your revenue by accepting payments from Thailand’s number 1 e-wallet, TrueMoney Wallet. Your customers can now choose to pay seamlessly just by inputing their phone number and an OTP.

  • Eliminate unnecessary payment form filling from your checkout process
  • Open your business to over 8 million users across Thailand
  • Accept more payments from the young and tech-savvy generation of consumers


Available soon in Singapore


PayNow helps your business receive secure and instant payments across Singapore. Your customers can make payments seamlessly by scanning or uploading the QR code from their device. No cards or cash needed.

  • Pre-filled payment details for easy reconciliation and reduce errors
  • Instant authorization by the user for faster check-out
  • Available across all devices

Convenience store payment

Available only in Japan

Family mart Mini stop Lawson Seicomart

Convenience store payments enables buyers to make cash payments for online purchases at convenience stores throughout Japan by displaying a barcode or payment code they receive after confirming their order on your site.

  • One of the most popular payment methods preferred by consumers in Japan
  • Service is available 24/7, customers can pay anytime anywhere nationwide
  • Enables customers without a credit card to make purchases from your store

Sell to the world

Ensure a frictionless payment experience, no matter how your clients choose to pay.