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Available only in Thailand

Pay with Points

Introducing the first payment gateway in Thailand where users can use credit card points to pay for goods and services

Works with

Points are now as good as cash

Pay with Points provides businesses with an alternative payment option for customers who have outstanding reward points. Instead of paying with cash, Citi cardholders can now use their points to redeem goods and services. See how it works in our documentation.

  • Cater to Citi cardholders who have outstanding reward points
  • Instantly redeem points for purchases
  • No pre-sale or post-sale redemption process
  • One-stop dashboard to monitor all transactions
  • Allow over 1 million cardholders to Pay with Points at your store

Simple points conversion

Customers redeem 10 points for 1 Baht for all merchants across Thailand



Redemption has never been so sweet


The user selects Pay with Points as their payment method on their device


The user confirms the payment by card validation and OTP


The user redeems their points to complete the purchase

Let's make it rain points

Be the first to start accepting reward points at your store

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