Omise’s payment extension for OpenCart diminishes your daily tasks by automating the entire payment process. The extension allows you to accept payment through credit or debit card directly on your site without having to write a single line of code, or the customer being redirected offsite.

Get the source code repository at

Requirements and Installation:

OpenCart Version Compatibility

  • OpenCart


  • Omise-PHP (v2.1.2)
  • jQuery (v1.7.1 from OpenCart (v1.5.6.4)'s dependency)
  • vqmod (v2.5.1 with OpenCart integration edition)


Here's what to do:

Download the repository and unzip it to your local machine or directly to your server using either one of these links: or omise-opencart.tar.gz omise-opencart Folder Structure

  1. Go to /omise-opencart/src and copy all files to your OpenCart Project

  2. Open your OpenCart site and go to the /admin page

  3. Select Extensions > Payments (from the top menu), in the payment extension list page

Payments Menu

Look for Omise Payment Gateway and click Install
Install Omise Payment Gateway extension menu

Provided that all went well, Omise will appear on the top right of your admin page. Omise Menu


Permissions must be set so that omise-opencart can overwrite the following files:
- your-opencart(root)/index.php
- your-opencart(root)/admin/index.php

It also creates new folders and files on your-opencart(root)/ directory for the first installation.
Ensure these 2 files and folder have appropriate write permissions (usually 755).

Omise Keys Setup

In order to use omise-opencart you have to first link it to your Omise account using your credentials:

  1. Go to Omise > Settings
    Omise Menu

  2. Fill in and save your Omise Keys. If you'd like to test our service and learn how things work, you can do so by clicking Enable test mode. This puts your test keys in use. Note that the set of keys you use determines whether actual money will be transferred or not.
    Omise Payment Gateway Form

  3. The Module config allows you to enable or disable our payment gateway on your OpenCart site.
    Module Config Section

Checking out with Omise

After setting up your Omise keys, you can now start checking out with Omise Payment Gateway. In order to test it, make sure you set up your test keys and enable test mode.

  1. Start off by heading over to your website and add items to the shopping cart.

  2. From the cart, go through the regular checkout procedure. Pay attention to step 5 Payment Method
    Checkout Steps

  3. You'll find Credit Card (Powered by Omise). Select it and check I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.
    Payment Method

  4. You'll be asked to fill out the form with card details. For those in test mode, you can select a test card from our docs. Collect a Customer Card

  5. Once done, submit your order with the Confirm Order button. If you'd like to learn more about how cards are collected and processed, check out our documentation: Collecting Cards and Charging Cards)

  6. Once complete, you'll be redirected to the following page. Checkout processed done

  7. Over at the admin dashboard you'll find the order marked as Processed. Admin Dashboard
    Note: During authorization (a very short period!), the order status will be marked as Processing

Uninstalling Omise

As there's no method of automatically checking whether vQmod is being used by another extension or not, it is required that you manually uninstall the plugin from your server source code. Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall the extension via the extension list page
  • Remove the vQmod folder from your OpenCart directory

1. Uninstall Omise Payment Gateway extension

  1. Open your OpenCart website and go to the /admin page

  2. Go to Extensions > Payments
    Payments menu

  3. Look for Omise Payment Gateway and click Uninstall

Once done, Omise will disappear from the top right of your admin page.

2. Removing vQmod library

Make sure that you're not using vQmod in other extensions. If you're uncertain, it's alright to leave it there. It won't do any harm to your site.

  1. In your OpenCart directory you'll find the vqmod folder. Remove it
    vQmod folder

  2. Go to omise-opencart/backup and restore the backup files.
    Backup folder

Copy and paste them to your OpenCart site
- omise-opencart/backup/index.php to your-opencart(root)/index.php
- omise-opencart/backup/admin/index.php to your-opencart(root)/admin/index.php