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Airdrop Update 3


Following up on the 23 August 2017 announcement on the OMG token airdrop update, we would like to share the following information:

The OMG airdrop is the first airdrop of a token to the Ethereum network, but we hope it will not be the last. It is our hope that our action will set an example for future token projects to do their part by doing airdrops to the Ethereum network, thereby tightly aligning all the interests seeking to use the Ethereum network for token sales with the interests of the Ethereum community.

In the spirit of open source development and mutual benefit, we are in the process of carefully reviewing our airdrop procedure and code, so that these tools can serve as a precedent and best practice for other token projects to follow.

As a result, the airdrop, which was expected to start on Monday, 4 September, has been delayed until later in the week. We will keep the OmiseGO and Ethereum communities informed of further news as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your attention.

OmiseGO Team

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