Chatbot is coming on Messenger!

Chatbot x Omise WooCommerce Plugin

Southeast Asia is home to a growing number of consumers with a relatively young age profile, which no doubt, are very fast in adopting the use of social network. Today more than 150 million people in the region purchase products through social media channels; making social platforms a prime arena for sales opportunities.

Communication is the key when running a store on social network

Communication on social network is like a busy crossroad. People come to you in all directions at different degrees of urgency, and most of the time, it’s the same old questions. Keeping up with your daily tasks while running an online store isn’t all that easy, but we're here to help!

Introducing new feature in the next version of Omise WooCommerce plugin, Chatbot, your round-the-clock store assistant on Facebook Messenger.

Why keep your customers waiting for a simple answer to a simple question? With this new version of the Omise plugin for website on WooCommerce, you can kick back and relax while the Chatbot takes care of all the simple conversations through Messenger. This feature is automatically enabled with effortless implementation. Chatbot is the perfect fit for a website on WooCommerce with a Facebook page, as it will retrieve your product’s information from the website and link it on Messenger.

Chatbot example

This new feature will enhance customer service on your store, as well as giving them a convenient contact channel. Here’re some of the key highlights.

  • Greet customers personally with their names
  • Display product categories
  • Give recommendations for featured products
  • Display products in each category
  • Display product details and images
  • Process payments through Omise payment gateway right in Facebook Messenger
  • Enable or disable 3D Secure (3DS Support)
  • Check customer’s order status
  • Set the time to automatically enable/disable the Chatbot
  • Derive meaning from what humans communicate into 3 categories - greetings, asking for help, and checking order status, utilizing NLP (Natural language processing) algorithms through

Social media isn’t just about building the community for your brand anymore. Online stores will need to keep up with all the e-commerce channels; going where the consumer demands.

This new version of the Omise plugin will be available in the coming weeks and getting started will be super simple. All you need is to have your Facebook page ready and the Omise WooCommerce plugin installed on your store.

Chatbot example