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Omise partners with i2c to modernize and accelerate issuing capabilities throughout Southeast Asia


omise x i2c

The first use case will target one million existing consumer and small business customers with an instant issue Visa card.

i2c Inc., a leading provider of digital payment and banking technology, today announced a partnership with Omise, a leading online acceptance and payments platform serving Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The deal, part of a broader collaboration between the two companies, has already confirmed partnerships to instant issue Visa cards for approximately one million consumers and small business customers.

As a result of this collaboration, Omise will be able to help its clients design and deploy virtual and card-based payment programs for a burgeoning Southeast Asian payments market, helping local banks, fintechs and others to launch and manage their own modern card programs throughout the region. Omise plans to launch this service in the first quarter of 2022.

“We’re proud to partner with i2c to address the unprecedented hypergrowth that our markets are currently experiencing,” said Ezra Don Harinsut, CEO of Omise. “i2c’s complementary tech stack, reach and reliability will allow our clients to deploy robust new payments capabilities and help us improve cashflow for millions of consumers and small businesses very soon," added Ezra Don.

“Omise is a true pioneer and leader in a key region and we’re delighted to have them as partners,” said Kevin Fox, EVP, Americas Sales, for i2c, citing reports that last year Southeast Asia added 40 million new internet users and is poised to grow to over $300 billion in gross merchandise value by 2025. Fox further relayed, “With our combined platforms and Omise’s impressive client roster, we believe this partnership will help extend and modernize issuing for the region in a meaningful way.”

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