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Omise launches Links to make paying and payments more accessible


Omise, Southeast Asia’s leader in online payment processing and risk management, today announced the immediate availability of a new feature, Links which gives businesses engaging in conversational commerce through social media platforms or messaging apps a more convenient way to request and accept online payments. With Links, Omise further strengthens its mission to help merchants unlock new growth opportunities.

It’s now becoming commonplace that consumers engage with businesses through chats to ask questions, get personalized recommendations, and click to purchase — all without having to leave the app. Links sits at the core of this type of commerce as it allows businesses to create and send a customizable payment link to its customers through e-mail or social media channels like WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. The customer then makes payments via credit or debit card through a secure payment form on Omise’s website. Links Links bolts-on as an extra feature to Omise’s existing payment gateway, limiting IT expenditure, while merchants can also keep track of payments through the dashboard; making it simple for reporting and reconciliation, hence reducing administration time.

A study by Gartner reveals that the amount of online sales that will be performed exclusively through digital assistants, chatbots, are expected to reach USD $2 billion by the end of 2016.

Rabbit finance, an online insurance broker and a client of Omise, is currently developing chatbots to be integrated into LINE and Facebook Messenger. With chatbots integrated, a customer looking for a mandatory car insurance, for example, can start a conversation and complete their purchase within the app —no need for customers to queue up, or having to open their wallets again when returning for another purchase.

Links are ideal to spur customer conversions, turning potential customers into paying customers, easily and economically. said Jun Hasegawa, CEO of Omise. "By digitizing payments that are typically handled offline —ATM transfers or over the counter payments, Omise offers both buyers and sellers engaging on social media platforms and messaging apps with greater convenience, choice and flexibility.”

Combined with Omise’s robust tools —friction-free payment form, intelligent routing technology and token-on-file solution among others, businesses are fully equipped to grow their customer base and engage more in social commerce.

Links are available immediately for professional and enterprise customers. For further information, please contact our Sales Team.

About Rabbit Finance

rabbit finance is Thailand’s leading financial comparison website. With a team of over 200 experts, the company advises consumers on all things financial, 24 hours per day. rabbit finance offers wide range of products from Thailand’s leading financial brands such as Viriyah, Dhipaya, and Bangkok Insurance. At rabbit finance, you can easily compare variety of insurance products in just a few clicks. We’ll offer the best rates from over 30 insurers to save you money.

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