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First of its kind: Omise enables Citibank's Ready Credit top-up on TrueMoney Wallet app


Omise is a modern payments platform localized for Southeast Asia and Japan, providing secure white-label payment solutions to merchants, enterprises, and financial institutions throughout the region. Working towards the mission of “Powering digital commerce in Asia”, Omise recently helped to connect Citibank and TrueMoney to enable TrueMoney Wallet e-wallet top-up via Citibank’s Citi Ready Credit cash card.


Omise, a financial technology company that provides merchants, enterprises, and financial institutions white-label payment solutions, has deepened its partnership with Citibank Thailand, a leading card issuer bank. In this partnership, Omise helps to connect Citibank and TrueMoney — enabling Citi Ready Credit as the first and only balance top-up option via cash card on TrueMoney Wallet.

Previously, users were able to use their TrueMoney Wallet accounts by connecting a credit card, and topping up by connecting a bank account or going to partner kiosks and at convenience stores. As for Citi Ready Credit, cardholders only had the option of making cash withdrawals at ATMs or get the money transfer to another bank account. Through this integration, all 600,000 Citi Ready Credit cardholders in Thailand can now connect their Citi Ready Credit cash card with their TrueMoney Wallet account and make payments at over 200,000 online and physical stores that accept TrueMoney Wallet in Thailand.

Mr. Peter Pornprayuth, Director of Business Partnerships at Omise said, “We strive to create win-win value propositions with partners to bridge the gap between leading financial institutions like Citibank and e-wallet players like TrueMoney. Leveraging our expertise in payments, we can effectively accelerate Thailand’s digital transformation by making it more convenient for Citi Ready Credit Cardholders to top-up their e-wallets digitally. At Omise, we will continue to look for innovative ways to help improve and propel the payment tech ecosystem in Thailand and Southeast Asia.”

Mr. Pratik Bhattacharjee, Director, Credit Cards and Loans Head at Citibank Thailand says, “Citi supports Thailand’s push toward a cashless society, seeing that the Covid-19 pandemic has raised awareness of hygiene among the public with banknotes and coins posing a threat to our society as far as the transmission of the coronavirus is concerned. As Thais turn to mobile banking and e-payment services, we’re seeing the potential for further growth of e-payment services and contactless transactions. Our partnership with TrueMoney signals Thailand’s drive toward a cashless future where e-payments and mobile banking services are the name of the game. Digital wallets will be even more popular. Ready Credit customers will have more choices to disburse money from their credit line. A TrueMoney e-wallet top-up via Ready Credit offers a new alternative digital disbursement and payment which can easily be integrated into customers’ everyday lives.”

Ms. Nutthawadee Sae-iah, Head of Strategy and Business Innovation & Head of Wealth at TrueMoney Co., Ltd., said “Our cooperation with Omise and Citibank has allowed 19 million TrueMoney Wallet users to access a secure cashless prepaid top-up service via Ready Credit, and fulfill their new normal lifestyle needs.”

Thailand is on the verge of becoming a cashless society. In recent years, digital transactions have increasingly replaced cash payments, and the adoption of digital payment systems such as cards, e-wallets, and QR code payments have accelerated. This integration not only adds convenience for Citi Ready Credit cardholders, but it also accelerates Thailand's progress toward a cashless society.

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