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Omise arrives in Japan


Omise has always been committed to providing powerful payment tools businesses need to enable online payments. This week, we’re officially launching service in Japan —our first office outside of Thailand.

omise open in japan

With Omise, merchants across Japan can now take advantage of our full-featured payment solution which works seamlessly in-app or on the web. All you need to getting started with us is an email address for registration. It’s that simple. You can be all setup and running within a week.

Integrating with Omise means that merchants can take full advantage of our payment tools, security & fraud protection system and exceptional support. We currently support Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Amex and Diners and are working to extend the list.

You could choose to integrate how you want. Our source code is freely available on GitHub or if you’ve built you're store on EC-CUBE, Magento, WooCommerce or OpenCart, we’ve built plugins to support. Checkout the full list here. Received payments are kept on hold for only 21 days before they are transferable to a connected bank account.

Pricing is simple. Whether your business is only starting out, an established corporate or only require to use our service for short-term, the fee structure never changes. Omise charges 2.95% per transaction and nothing more*. Volume pricing is available. If you’re business processes large amounts of transactions every month or plan to scale, get in touch with our team!

During the beta, we were trusted by ad-dice Co., Ltd. , the leading IoTxAI technology SoLoMoN device provider www.ad-dice.com and Craftsman Co., Ltd. , an education platform for business professionals to learn globally needed skills and knowledge. www.craftsman.cc. Now that service has officially launched we look forward to working with you too.

Got questions? Let us know, we’re happy to help you out. Our team speaks English, Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. Email support@omise.co

*transfer fee applies

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