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Omise announces corporate rebrand and new website launch


We’re excited to announce the official launch of our new corporate branding and redesigned website which reflects both the evolution of our company as well as the vision for the future.

As a rapidly growing organization, we’re consistently expanding our product and service portfolio, in addition to expanding offerings into new markets across Southeast Asia. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve been widely recognized as an online payment gateway that is specifically built to cater software engineers. Today, we are the trusted payments provider for thousands of merchants across various verticals in Thailand and Japan, boasting a great increase in transaction growth rate.

The expansion and business growth presented the need to re-evaluate not only our visual identity, but the company’s positioning as a whole. This new representation of Omise showcases our enthusiasm in the ongoing transition from an online payment gateway built for developers to an online payment platform that offers enterprise-grade capabilities to a wider range of businesses.

What you’ll notice:

  • A new logo inspired by the mobius strip and the old Asian coin. new omise logo
  • A new brand colour palette that includes a deeper, darker shade of blue that is more modern and sophisticated.
  • Clean, simple and minimalistic designs of icons and illustrations.

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  • A more geometric typeface that is carefully chosen to effectively communicate the brand message with improved legibility across platforms.

“After experiencing tremendous growth and gaining much traction from businesses of various scales from SMEs to multi-national conglomerates over the past year, it's now time that our branding and web presence better represented the current state of our company.” said Jun Hasegawa, CEO & Founder of Omise. “The objective of the rebrand and website redesign is beyond aesthetic enhancements. From conceptualization to the finalized look & feel, this new identity best reflects our company going forward; boasting state-of-the-art payment technology and industry specific capabilities that caters for merchants across verticals.”

While the brand and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today, our core mission which is “online payments for everyone” remains close at heart.

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