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Omise partners with Eventpop to launch Esimo, an all-in-one e-commerce platform for businesses in Thailand



[Update October 2021: Esimo has rebranded to opn.store]

Omise and Eventpop are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership to launch “Esimo”, an all-in-one e-commerce platform to businesses in Thailand in early 2021.

Omise has been recognised as a leading payment service provider in Southeast Asia and Japan for over half a decade. Now for the first time, it is expanding its product offering beyond payment processing capabilities into a broader scope within the digital commerce space. In this partnership, Eventpop brings more than 5 years of experience in e-commerce, platform development, and underlying technology that has been tried and tested by more than 10,000 events.


Esimo enables brands, entrepreneurs, and retailers from every vertical to quickly and conveniently start, run, and promote a business directly from the platform. In the first phase of the launch, users will have access to a suite of e-commerce capabilities, including;

  • Customizable branded storefront builder with inbuilt shopping cart

  • Streamlined order tracking and management system

  • Integrated payment acceptance and management secured by Omise

  • Multi-store/location inventory management system

  • Logistics solutions offered by third-party partners

  • Customizable business automations, like abandoned cart recovery

  • Marketing management portal, with more to follow.

“This year has certainly been the year for the most adaptable. In the past 10 months, businesses have learned firsthand the true value of agility and technology to quickly respond to rapidly changing market conditions and adapt to the changes in consumer shopping behavior, said Ezra Don Harinsut, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Omise. “E-commerce has become one of the main channels for purchases and has played a vital role in the past two quarters.”

Online sales channels and other digital transformation tools have undergone remarkable acceleration. When comparing the number of merchants Omise onboarded between quarter one and two of 2019 with 2020, there is a significant increase of 83 percent. The McKinsey Global Payments Report 2020 also states that sign-ups for marketplace platforms have seen an increase by 70 to 150 percent since the start of the pandemic. The acceleration towards e-commerce and digital payments is not only in mainstream verticals such as fashion and groceries, but also, in merchant segments like healthcare, professional services, and education.

“The need for resources to help businesses operate online and meet the demand is now more critical than ever. With Esimo, the role Omise plays in the world of e-commerce is expanding beyond payments. This is our next step towards powering digital commerce for businesses.” Ezra adds.

Eventpop believes in enabling businesses to utilize best-in-class technology to make business more efficient and streamlined, which in turns allow businesses to focus more on what really matters, the customers. said Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Eventpop.


For brands and merchants without an in-house development team, no coding or technical knowledge is required to get set up and running on Esimo. There is no extra software for users to download or install. For enterprises looking for a custom solution, the API will be made available, and a consultant team ready to assist.

For more information, please visit: https://opn.store/

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