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Omise and ConnectPOS team up to enhance the payment experience for omnichannel retailers


Besides working with business owners to power payments for their online stores, Omise also works with solution providers who’s business type requires payment functionalities like acceptance, management and payouts to provide services to their end users.

Omise <> ConnectPOS

We recently partnered with ConnectPOS, a startup that provides omnichannel POS (Point of sales) solutions for Magento-based retailers all over the world. What ConnectPOS does is they build a platform which connects brick-and-mortar stores with a Magento website; helping streamline the sales process for both merchants and consumers. ConnectPOS syncs all sales data and stock visibility from both online channels and physical stores so that merchants are able to access all the information they need in one place.

Omise and ConnectPOS have partnered to better support users of the platform in terms of accepting online and in-store payments. Merchants will be able to accept worldwide credit and debit card payments to reach more buyers and drive higher conversions. Omise helps handle everything related to payments including compliance, security & fraud protection as well as customer support.

ConnectPOS is now available to merchants in the US, UK, Australia, Europe and Asia. You can learn more about them by visiting www.connectpos.com

Interested in partnering with us? We’d be glad to hear from you (:

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