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Omise adds new payment method, Alipay



We're pleased to announce that from today, you can start accepting Alipay payments through Omise. Accepting Alipay on your store means that you can make more sales, in more places, to more people. Alipay is among the most popular payment methods used by Chinese consumers today, having over 450 million registered accounts.

Here's how it works

Payment Flow1

Once your customer has done loading up their shopping cart, entered their shipping address and is ready to make payments, they can select Alipay as their preferred payment method.

Payment Flow2

Omise automatically redirects your customers to Alipay's payment page to login and confirm the payment. The payment amount is pre-filled and is displayed in both CNY and THB. Once your customer completes the payment, they are automatically redirected back to your store.

Getting Started

To enable the service, please let us know. We’ll help you through the process to enable the service on your account. For details on integration, please see the documentation.

Please note that Alipay is currently available to merchants with a Thai-registered Omise account only.

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