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Now supporting over the counter payments at Tesco Lotus


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Our focus is to help you boost sales by offering payment solutions that put customers choice and experience ahead. We’re super excited to let you know that starting today, Omise merchants in Thailand will be able to offer cash payments at Tesco Lotus as an option for customers to pay.

Increasingly we see consumers shifting over to online payments, however a large percentage still prefer to pay by cash over-the-counter. Tesco Lotus is currently the most preferred outlet by consumers, with more than 1800 locations across the country including 24-hour Lotus Express stores.

How it works for your customers

During the check out process, after entering their shipping details, the customer gets to select the payment method they prefer. To pay by cash at Tesco Lotus, simply select Tesco Lotus.

Bill payment flow

Systems will then generate a barcode (as shown below). To pay, the customer simply prints out the barcode and presents it at any service counter at Tesco Lotus. Remember that the barcode will be valid for 24 hours only.

Bill payment flow 2

How to enable the payment option on your website?

Like any other feature we offer, you can always test how things work before going live and start accepting actual payments from your customers. For those of you who already have a live account with us, don't forget to switch to test mode and use your test keys to test the service. You can read the documentation here.

Once ready to go live, just drop us an email at support@omise.co


  • Note that this payment method is currently available for merchants who have registered with Omise in Thailand only
  • Supported libraries: Omise PHP, Elixir and Python (with more on the way)

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