Magento 2

Solidifying your checkout experience can really be hassle-free. The Omise payment extension comes complete with powerful payment features that allows you to easily accept online payments on your store.

Supported Versions

Here's the list of versions we tested on:

  • Magento (CE) 2.2.4 on PHP 7.0.29.

Can't find the version you're looking for?
Our aim is to support as many versions of Magento as we can. If the version you are currently using has not been tested on, you can try install it and let us know if any issues at

Getting Started

Installation Instructions

Installing the extension is done via composer. Firstly, add the following line to the main composer.json file in the Magento folder:

"require": {
  "omise/omise-magento": "@stable"

Once this is done, simply run composer update, and the module should be automatically installed along with its dependencies. If you are installing the module to an existing (not new) Magento installation, you will probably need to run the following commands after running composer:

php bin/magento module:enable Omise_Payment --clear-static-content
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile

First Time Setup

After installing, you can configure the module by:

  1. Log in to your Magento back-end with the administrator account.
  2. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.

Settings is displayed under the Omise section.

omise-magento-2 Configuration

The table below is the settings for the module and the description for each setting.

Setting Description
Enable/Disable Enables or disables 'Omise Payment Module'
Sandbox If selected, all transactions will be performed in TEST mode and TEST keys will be used
Public key for test Your TEST public key can be found in your Dashboard.
Secret key for test Your TEST secret key can be found in your Dashboard.
Public key for live Your LIVE public key can be found in your Dashboard.
Secret key for live Your LIVE secret key can be found in your Dashboard.
Payment Action Set Authorize Only to only authorize a payment or Authorize and Capture to automatically capture after authroizing.
Title Title of Omise Payment gateway shown at checkout.
  • To enable the module, select the setting for Enable/Disable to Yes.
  • To enable sandbox mode, select the setting for Sandbox to Yes.


If the setting for Sandbox is set to Yes, the keys for TEST will be used. If the setting for Sandbox is set to No, the keys for LIVE will be used.