How to use Links?

A few months ago we released a new feature called Links. What Links does is that it lets you create a payment form which can be easily shared to your clients to request for payments through credit or debit card.


Links are easy to use. There’s no coding or extra integrations required.

What to do?

Sign in to your Omise dashboard and select Links from the menu on the left. Enter the details into the form that pops up.

Click on create link

Once you have complete that, click on Create link.

Fill in link information

Omise will generate a payment link which you can send to your clients through email, SMS or any social media platforms you are most familiar with.

Link generated

Once your customer receieves the link and clicks on it, the payment form will pop up. They can choose to pay using either credit or debit card.

Fill out payment details

Once done entering their card details, they can click Pay rightaway.

Click pay

Boom! Done. You just got paid.

Payment successful

We also have a video tutorial on our Omise Youtube channel that you might want to check out :)

We’ve always worked hard to make online payments simple and accessible to everyone. If you have questions or would like to give us feedback, feel free to send an email to