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Let’s recap 2021 — it’s not just about payment


let's recap 2021 with Omise

2021 was a year of changes at Omise. For us, it is not just about payment. It’s a year of restructuring, expanding services, and powering digital commerce.

Stepping from a payment service provider to an e-commerce facilitator, our focus in 2021 is mainly growth. We went through an internal transformation, restructuring teams and scouting new talents, including executives and team leads, to brace ourselves for the growth of e-commerce.

Not only did we grow in size, but we also extended our presence in new and existing markets and our service portfolio.

Exploring markets

Omise Malaysia launched in October to capture the country’s growing online commerce market size and to strengthen its digital payment infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we also formed a new division, Business Partnerships, to bolster our relationship with partner merchants. More remarkable brands have joined our list of channel partners across countries; such as, Travelanium, a leading hotel booking engine provider in Thailand; Kinchaku, a white label CRM technology provider from Japan; and Sweetmag Solutions, a full-service web solutions agency based in Malaysia. With this diverse profile of partners, Omise is looking forward to learning about industries from the experts and providing better-curated solutions.

Reinforcing payments

Payment is what Omise knows best, and it has been our best effort to seek new payment methods to facilitate digital commerce for our clients and their customers.

In 2021, we established our connection with FPX (Financial process exchange), a Malaysian online banking channel, to enable real-time, hassle-free bank transfers across 19 major banks in Malaysia. As for Thailand, Omise has also started accepting payments through Rabbit LINE Pay, a leading local e-wallet provider.

Omise’s effort towards enhancing payment experiences is not limited to improving our payment gateway. We deepened our partnership with TrueMoney and Citibank Thailand by taking part in enabling the Citi Ready Credit balance top-up option on TrueMoney Wallet. In November, we also kick-started our collaboration with i2C, a digital payment and banking technology provider, to expand our service coverage into card issuing.

Coming up in 2022

A handful of upgrades in our services and payment options are awaiting you next year.

  • A new version of Omise dashboard, bringing a fresher look and much smoother user experience

  • Payment links+, another level of our Payment links that will let merchants customize and utilize payment links more effortlessly

  • Alipay+, a new payment method comprising six major e-wallets in Asia, is coming to your online store.

  • Other new services to better sustain the growing digital commerce ecosystem such as PGaaS (payment gateway as a service) and card issuing, and more inclusive payment options such as mobile banking, installment payments, and more e-wallets

Buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride!

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