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Launching installment payments


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[Update: November 2020] Added SCB installments as an additional option

You asked. We heard. Installment payments are now available for merchants across Thailand!

Starting today, you can give your customers the flexibility they need when making payments for a purchase from your store. With installment payments, customers have increased control and flexibility in the way they pay. The full amount of a product is split into smaller chunks which buyers can pay off over a period of time, at regular intervals. The minimum charge amount for installment payments is THB 2,000.

Supported card brands

Supported card brands

Every customer has their own needs

Splitting a payment into smaller chunks gives customers more purchase power, meaning that you can get more buyers to your checkout.

Interest rate

You're in control

Choose whether you or your customer absorbs the bank interest. This means that, if you choose to, you can offer a 0% promotional plan.

The customer flow

Customers that choose to pay for a purchase in monthly installments go through a redirected payment flow. Once they select installment payments as their preferred payment option at checkout, they are sent to a secure bank-operated page to authorize and confirm the payment.

installment 1

nstallment 2

Sounds good to you?

If you already have a live account with us, we encourage you to test out the service and familiarize yourself with how everything works before we enable installment payments on your Omise account. Once you’re ready, please let us know. We will get in touch with instructions on how to proceed.

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