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Keep rocking Omisians — 2021 in review


The year 2021 is coming to an end, and it has been a challenging year for all of us. This year is the year we scaled and restructured our organization to prepare for regional expansion while ensuring everyone is intact amid the pandemic.

Let's take a look at where the year has led us so far.


Over the year, our staff has grown from 147 to 197 members (That's over 34% growth!). We have welcomed new (and some familiar) faces to enhance our skill pool and create something greater.

This year, we have welcomed the most fresh graduates so far. We have also welcomed newcomers of multiple nationalities, 16 of which were relocated safely to Bangkok. With this endless effort to expand our diversity, we take pride in our divergent team of over 20+ nationalities and a wide range of generations.


In 2021, Omise scaled into a new market as well as strengthened the presence of local teams.

Five core positions were hired in preparation for Omise Malaysia's launch in October, consistent with our value in having local teams available in all countries.

Meanwhile, Omise Japan also welcomed new members to reinforce its service foundation. This year, we opened a tech hub and formed the Consulting and Technical Services team in our Tokyo office to provide in-depth technical support right from the heart of Japan.


Employees' physical and mental health is crucial here, especially during the pandemic. Since the beginning of the spread, our teams have worked remotely for everyone's safety. However, the isolation can take a toll on you. So, it is our mission to reach out and make sure everybody is intact.

Onboarding and relocating newcomers

The onboarding process has been integrated online and has proven effective. The People Operations team has kept close contact with new joiners, and they have expressed positive feedback.

Even so, starting a new job in the isolation of WFH could be stressful. Thus, we put our best efforts into making them feel welcome and at home.

A welcome package is delivered to each new employee's residence, with a work laptop, all the necessary tools for remote working, and Omisian items. For foreign employees, we also launched the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) program in Bangkok to allocate them to selected hotels for self-quarantine and facilitate them in settling in Thailand.

Self-care kit & mental health support

We understand that the current turbulence may raise worries and stress. To ensure everyone that we always have their back, we sent out gift boxes with scrumptious fruits as well as COVID-19 necessities like face masks, ATK kits, and vitamins. Meanwhile, our company also offers a mental health support program free of charge.


Time and time again, Omisians' resilience has shone through challenging situations. Whatever problem comes in our way, we are not afraid of falling because we always overcome the obstacles and get back up mightier than ever.

Anniversary awards

To celebrate the fighter's spirit, we redesigned our anniversary award to represent our people. We usually hand out trophies to mark the fifth work anniversary of our employees each year, and this year, the award is a rocking doll, literally.

Eight beloved members have received the trophy in 2021, and we can't wait to celebrate more anniversaries!

#Kudos — spread the appreciation

Employee appreciation and recognition are essential in promoting job satisfaction and a healthy workplace environment. With that in mind, our team opened a new chat room in our internal communication channel, Slack.

This new chat room is called #kudos. Just like its name, this is where anyone can post about achievements and tag their teams or other members involved. This approach doesn't only amplify the gratitude across the organization, but it also keeps everyone updated on the endeavors of other teams.

So far, over 163 employees have received kudos in the channel.

At Omise, 2021 was the year of restructuring teams and recruiting new talents to prepare for the expansion of our business and services. Throughout challenging times, Omisians stayed put and helped each other rise against the tides, and we are grateful to witness such inspiring moments.

We hope you all keep rocking, and may 2022 be even more adventurous.

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