Available only in Thailand

Accept internet banking payments

Accept payments from non cardholders. Enable buyers to make payments from their online banking environment.

Open your business to over 26 million consumers in Thailand*

Internet banking is a payment option based on online banking, representing a substantial percentage in the e-payments mix. The customer completes transactions online in their online banking environment; having funds debited from their account into yours right away.

An effortless payment experience

The buyer is automatically redirected to and from their bank’s operated payment page before and after completing payments. This significantly reduces the chances of drop-offs.

Reduced chances of error

The payment amount and reference numbers are automatically pre-filled. When paying, the buyer only has to review and confirm to complete the transaction.

Inspire customer confidence

Having your store name displayed on the bank’s operated payment page helps to reduce confusion and hesitation at checkout as customers know exactly who they’re paying to.

Know when you get paid

Payment information is always updated on your dashboard, in real-time. You can check for the latest transaction status or setup a webhook to get instantly notified.

Add internet banking
as an option at your checkout

Optimize your checkout experience for tech-savvy buyers today

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