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Internet Banking is now live!


Good news! From today, everyone using Omise can start accepting internet banking payments.

Why might you want this? Accepting internet banking payments means that you can make more sales, in more places, to more people. Customers without a credit or debit card but with sufficient funds can make purchases from your store. Internet banking allows a customer of a bank to execute just about any financial transaction available through a branch to be done online.

Say hello to your 12 million clients across Thailand! According to a report from the Bank of Thailand, the number of consumers applying for internet banking service has grown at a constant rate of around 20% annually since 2010.

What makes our solution special?

From the moment your customer selects internet banking as their preferred payment method on your store, they're automatically redirected to the bank's website where they enter their username and password. After that, all they've got to do is review their payment information and confirm the payment. We handle everything else that happens in between. (i.e. filling in the amount, comp code etc.)

It's simple and accurate, and of course reduces unnecessary loss from drop offs.

Here's how it works…

The customer selects items to their shopping cart, and once done they go through the usual checkout process on your store. When it comes to choosing the payment method, they select internet banking.

internet banking 1

The customer chooses their preferred bank and are automatically redirected to the bank’s internet banking page. Once they login, the payment information will all be filled out. The customer only has to review before submitting the payment. That’s it!
internet banking 2

Supported banks include:

To begin with, we'll be supporting Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krungthai Bank and Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri).


As always, we keep pricing simple. The fee for our internet banking service is charged at 3.65% per transaction. There's no set up fee or minimum commitment.

Withdrawal Period

Once you receive payments, the funds will be deposited to your Omise account. You will be able to transfer the funds to your connected bank account in 7 days.


- Internet Banking is only available for merchants with a Thai-registered Omise account.

- For users with a live account, you will be required to review Terms & Conditions before testing the API. Please send us an email at support@omise.co

For more information, head over to the docs. And as always, we're more than happy to answer any of your questions. Drop us an email at support@omise.co

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