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Humans of Omise: Yu Meepromsuksan



What do you enjoy most about working with Omise?

I like the freedom to work the way we like and from anywhere we like. There is a big trust and respect between everyone to give them a possibility to work where they are comfortable. So, I believe freedom, professionalism and open-mindedness describe the culture at Omise quite well.

What sparked your interest to become a graphic designer?

I actually wanted to be an architect before being introduced to graphic design. After I realised being an architect might be very challenging, I tried looking for something similar, something to do with art and away from numbers and science:) Then I heard about graphic design from my senior friend and it seemed like a good fit at the time. So I decided to study graphic design and have been a graphic designer ever since:)

What do you think they should teach about modern graphic design in universities today?

I think it would be cool if they could teach more about the thinking process, and focus more on the theory of structure before we actually start creating designs. This way, students will be able to streamline their creative thinking into an organised process and gain more structure & flexibility with work.

How do you think Omise evolved as a brand over time?


This is a difficult one to answer. I think evolution comes from the people here. The brand bloomed into what it is today because it took bits and pieces from everyone who has ever worked here. Their contribution to work is like food for the brand to live and stay alive.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Working outdoors or in an open space usually gives me ideas. Looking at other designers' works also makes me come up with some ideas, I like getting new perspectives from other people's work.

What are the most iconic logos?

I would say Apple . Even for people who don’t know the brand, once they see it, they would already know that it’s an apple.

If you could do any job to fulfil your dream and passion, what would it be?

Definitely become a barista. I like making coffee. I love cafe vibes and I can spend the whole day in a nice cafe watching people, maybe talk with them a little about the weather and how they like their coffee.

If Omise was a person, who would it be?

Hmm not so sure if I can compare it with a person. It’s a little more like a robot to me, a cute one like Baymax.

Do you have a favourite quote?

“A secret makes a woman, woman.”

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