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Humans of Omise: Bee Phisansitsakul


Omise's Head of QA, Bee Phisansitsakul, shares stories on her career path, job information and requirements

Meet today's Human of Omise, Bee Phisansitsakul, our Head of QA. She has worked in the QA field for over a decade and recently joined Omise as the Head of QA. Here, she has been tasked with building a new and strong QA and SOC team.

What inspired Bee to take up a role in QA? What has kept her content with her career for years? Discover her story here.

A career story of a Quality Assurance Engineer

How did you begin your career in QA among various areas of computer engineering?

When I graduated, QA was new in Thailand's tech industry. I felt it might be interesting, so I started my career in a QA role.

What do you like about this role?

I find myself growing in my career path as the services are up and running well, and the customers are satisfied. As my role is in people management, I am motivated to see my team members grow and enjoy their work.

Conquering new challenges at Omise

What drew you to Omise and why did you decide to join us?

I knew Omise a few years back since I worked at SCB. Omise is well known in the finance industry. It's a place that people would like to work for.

I came here from a referral. I saw a huge challenge here because I would be responsible for setting up and re-defining new teams, working processes and strategy. Although I have had similar experiences before, I still feel it would be fun here. So, I didn’t have second thoughts about taking this opportunity.

What are your challenges as the Head of QA? How do you tackle them?

The main challenge is that the QA team is newly formed. Thus, the quality practice and strategy need to be defined and set up. We have many product and service initiatives in the roadmap, and testing needs to be addressed and implemented from the beginning, to reduce risks in the production and to remove the operational work to fix bugs or incidents.

To complete the task with more than 15 different scrums in a year, we need a strong QE (or quality engineer) with profound quality assurance skills in the team to ensure our product quality is implemented properly. Therefore, hiring is also another challenge.

Lead and Learn

As a leader, how would you describe your leadership style?

I think my leadership style is ‘Participative’. I try to encourage my team to contribute their ideas and collaborate.

Could you please share with us your life and career learning techniques?

Get yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick with something for too long because you may end up learning nothing new. Bring yourself to a new challenge. I’m not talking about moving to a new company, but stepping up from your current role, trying to take more responsibility, initiating new ideas and driving them until they materialize.

What, in your opinion, are your most distinguishing characteristics that have brought you to where you are in your career?

This is a tough question. I think when people succeed in their careers, it's not only because of their characteristics. People can be diverse and flourish in their careers. Whatever we do, we just need to ensure we understand what the business values are and how we can contribute to achieving the goal. “Try to think what you would do if you were the owner of the company.”

Work, Play, and…Rabbits?

Lastly, how do you like to relax when not working? Do you have any interests outside of work?

I have four rabbits. On the work days, if I have a short break between meetings, I’ll go to my rabbit room, sit with them, and feed them snacks. I enjoy playing MOBA games. I play them almost every day at night with my friends.

If your rabbits could communicate with you in a single sentence, what do you think they would wish to say to you?

Mommy, Give me more SNACKS!!!

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