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Humans of Omise: Aoy Natchanun



What drew you to Omise originally and what made you decide to join us?

My colleagues invited me to apply for an interview with Omise. Since I used to work for Paysbuy Co., Ltd., before it was acquired by Omise in 2017, it seemed like a natural transition. I felt like I was already familiar with everything; the business model and the product itself.

What are your three most favorite things about Omise?

  1. Friendly and considerate colleagues
  2. Flexibility
  3. Company takes good care of employees. Small things like snacks and other great benefits, which help boost productivity.

What are the new things you’ve learned from working with Omise?

I’ve always been working in accounting but since I started working here, I have more international colleagues, as Omise has over 30 nationalities. I get to practice English directly with native speakers and pick-up new skills while working in an international environment.

If you could do any job for a day, what would you like to do if not accounting and why?

My dream is to be able to transfer my knowledge to people who are interested in learning. When I was getting my Masters degree, some of my classmates didn’t graduate directly from accounting so I was the tutor explaining stuff in class to them. I felt fulfilled knowing that something as beautiful as education can be shared with others. So If I could do any job that is not accounting, I would like to be a teacher and fulfill my childhood dream.

What do you like to do when you are free from work?

In my free time I watch Korean series, read novels and shop online:). I also like to travel, but I like short trips since I prefer to sleep in the comfort of my own bed.

Since you are a big fan of Harry Potter, which character in Harry Potter do you think inspires you the most and what do you like about that character?

I’m inspired by Hermione Granger. I like her analytical mind, she’s very rational and strategic but at the same time she has a caring and nurturing side to her. She always helps her friends; pushing them through hard times, being very supportive and she also never stops learning.

What was the most memorable scene or quote of that character that you’ll never forget and what do you find impressive about it?

I can’t choose one because I love every scene and every moment in Harry Potter. Whenever I watch it again, even though I’ve watched it many times, I’m still impressed as it opens the world of imagination and welcomes everyone into the magic of the story. It keeps you amazed until the very end.

What was your favourite subject in elementary school and do you still like it now?

In elementary school I loved social sciences, especially geography and history. I still find it captivating, even now. When I was listening to my teachers in class, it felt like I was there too. I could imagine myself being part of that era and it felt very enjoyable.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you like to see and why?

I would love to go back to the very beginning of the reign of Rama 9. I would like to know more about his royal duties, what he helped create at that time to help his people. For example, the Sufficiency Economy concept and see how it was executed with my own eyes.

How do you define “happiness” and what is your happiness?

From my perspective, happiness is a peace of mind where you don’t have to control emotions. My happiness is to be in my comfort zone and be comfortable with myself to do what I like to do and spend time with loved ones at home.

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