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How do I enable Account Chaining?

Last updated on July 17, 2020

Account Chaining is a feature allowing you to perform actions (including creating charges) on behalf of other merchants. This is useful for operating a marketplace or similar platform without having to manually manage other users' secret keys.
Follow the instructions below to enable account chaining:

  1. Email to request this feature.
  2. After receiving an email indicating this feature is enabled, visit Omise Dashboard > Settings
  3. Click the checkbox enabling account chaining, and set the Return url to which the sub-merchant will be redirected after authorization.
  4. Click Update settings and provide the generated Chain url to your sub-merchants so they can authorize account chaining. Sub-merchants must visit the Chain Authorization URI, read the terms, and click Authorize.
  5. Once a sub-merchant has authorized the account chain, it should appear under the Chains menu item in your dashboard.
  6. You can view a chain's details by clicking on it.
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