A simple, powerful wallet SDK

Build a wallet that facilitates payment, loyalty and rewards, remittances and cross-wallet transactions.

Integrate and launch

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the time without cutting any corners. OmiseGO provides integration and post-integration support to get you to market faster and to help you stay ahead.

You have access to:

  • Omise payment gateway
  • Credit and virtual cash card
  • Top-up over the counter and direct debit
  • Real-time settlement

Customized to your
specific needs

The OmiseGO wallet SDK is flexible in all respects. Create your own styles and designs, embed your custom apps.

  • Payments
  • Transfers
  • Loyalty
  • Rewards Points

Cross-wallet transaction

Distributed open protocol allows different wallets to seamlessly talk to each other — unlocking the full power of mobile commerce.


Our solution

No matter what your needs are, our solution is flexible and can work to benefit you.


  • International remittance
  • P2P transfer
  • Bill payment
  • Top-up
  • Cash-out

Loyalty & Reward

  • Manage points
  • Trade and redeem
  • Convert points to cash
  • Gamification
  • Referrals
  • Gift Cards

Financial Services

  • B2B payments
  • Supply-chain
  • Loans
  • Deposits

Ready to get going?

We’d love to talk about how we can work together.