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From e-commerce to online payment


When I started working at Omise in February of last year, it was not about online payments. We were building a social eCommerce platform. But we never got to release it because we hit a wall when we could not find a decent payment gateway in Thailand.

No Rest API. No programmatic access to refunds or balance transactions data. API would change without notice. Redirects to ugly pages in the middle of our smooth checkout process would increase cart abandonment rate by at least 40%. So we decided to solve once and for all those painful points that we and others had. That's how Omise the payment company was born.

At the core of Omise is a Rest API that is by far the best you can find in Thailand right now. It's consistent, clear, and well documented (and no, you don't need to sign a NDA to read the docs). We also follow a strict policy of never breaking the API. If you start using our API today you have the guarantee that it will remain exactly the same for years to come. If breaking changes were to be introduced, we have a versioning mechanism in place that will allow for a smooth upgrade.

To make working with the API even easier we have released several libraries for Ruby, C#, Python, PHP, Android, iOS, and JavaScript, We also released a plugin for WooCommerce, that requires no technical skills to get started. More libraries and plugins will come over time for other popular languages and eCommerce platforms. As an added bonus we have made all of those libraries and plugins open source so others can learn from our code, contribute and report bugs.

Finally and more importantly we're constantly thinking about new ways to make online payment even better. That's what Omise is all about. We want to make accepting payments online a breeze and not a painful journey.

Before Omise came to the market, registering for a payment service processor in Thailand was cumbersome and bureaucracy-ridden. But now it couldn't be easier. You can sign up in an instant and start testing our API right away. Registering for a live account is super easy and only requires a few documents that you can upload directly from the dashboard. You read that right: no hard copy. And if everything is good you'll be rolling in less than 24 hours.

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