Powerful payment suite for your business

Robust tools and powerful features that stay with you every step of the way no matter how big you grow.

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Get paid

Online or in app? We make sure your products and services get paid for.

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Stay protected

Operates under the highest level of security standard in the industry.

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Automate payouts

Save time and streamline the funding process with automated payouts.

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Accept online payments

Whether its domestic or international, desktop or in-app, we make it simple for you to setup and get paid.

Customize your checkout form without compromising security
Having a hard time figuring out payment security and compliance policies? We offer libraries for web, iOS and Android that lets you get the payments form done right with just a few lines of code.

Retain full control over the style, look and feel while we take care of client-side data encryption and security compliances; making sure that sensitive information is protected in transit.
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Integrate a payment form that works best for you and your customers
The payment form is easy to complicate and tough to design. Omise.js is a ready-made payment interface that is refined to improve the checkout experience and help increase your revenue.

It works great across website, mobile and app, and of course is hassle-free to integrate.
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Pay now

One Click payments

Let your customers speed through the checkout process. Our Customer feature allows card information to be saved for next time so that your customers can forget all about card numbers or secret codes, and get the payments done in taps.

Pay links


Whether providing a service for someone across town or selling an item to a customer overseas, with links you can request for payment from anyone, anytime.

Learn more

Internet Banking

Selling to customers with no card? No problem. Anyone with a bank account can conveniently make purchases from your store.

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Icon bank scb cb8aa0b5d6ea3a54000913cbb1743526d4c44cbd2bd76c93260287fce6fe1d40 Icon bank ktb 6e1d31e4b903f40f38617f8e945d0b1507ac6037ebbbcd3f01dce1992441b34b Icon bank bay 29824c2abf9edff043d868be343f75447e9b9e1e6f51964a656acdd96fad1769 Icon bank bbl 2162522ca73d3cdde3516221298a07d8fad3de3f836e41f0f819d7608e4dc599
  • Omise automatically redirects the payee to a secure bank-operated page where the transaction happens.
  • Payment amount and reference numbers are all automatically filled for the payee.
  • Have your store name displayed on the bank-operated page. This way the payee knows exactly who they're paying to.

Alipay BETA

Expand your customer base to the fast growing Chinese market. Start accepting payments through Alipay today.

Alipay is currently in beta and is only available to merchants in Thailand.

  • System automatically redirects the payee to Alipay's website when checking out, and bringing them back to your website once the payment process is completed.
  • Let your customers pay in CNY, while you accept payments in your local currency.
  • Have your store name displayed on Alipay's payment page so your customers know exactly who they're paying to.
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Highly secure transactions

Data security is a top priority. Always stay one step ahead when it comes to safeguarding sensitive information.

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Data privacy

Your information is private, and we keep it that way. We don't share information with third-parties or expose details over the network.

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Secure technology

Every transaction is heavily guarded from start to finish with the highest grade encryption.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Every year we go through a rigorous audit to comply for the PCI DSS certification so that you don't have to. This ensures that cards are safely transmitted, processed and stored in a secure environment.

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24/7 Monitoring

Transactions are monitored round the clock. We never let our guard down. Rest assured that you and your customers will always be safe.

Fraud protection

Comprehensive risk management models fine tuned to protect you from fraudsters before they attack.

fraud protection
  • IP Geolocation & Proxy detection
  • Machine learning fraud protection models
  • Risk threshold
  • Tokenization
  • Behaviour analysis
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Manage your funds

For marketplaces, store builders, invoicing systems, and any service that helps users get paid.

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Automated payouts tailored for your marketplace.

If you're a marketplace or a platform that needs to coordinate payments between stores, look no further. With our Recipients API you can easily transfer funds from your Omise balance to any third-party bank account.

Imagine you're managing a ticketing platform where you need to regularly distribute funds to multiple event organizers. Simply register a Recipient, we take care of the bank account verification and distribute a transfer to them.

  • Wipeout much of the workload for mass disbursements
  • Fully automated system for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Create value driven relationships between you and your suppliers or businesses under your umbrella
  • Customizable and flexible so that you can send out funds whenever to whoever

Automate your payment with API

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Charge 9682ae6d2545cd6fa5dfb4a8af12bd4aa27c2f0cb9f1dd6101d486a125d49e2e Charge
Transfer 15fe5f3f27523cf4591fb570b029af69a61f4f82bfd86057ceff514815de701c Transfer
var card = {
  name:             'Jun Hasegawa',
  number:           '4242424242424242',
  expiration_month: '01',
  expiration_year:  '2020',
  security_code:    '123'

Omise.createToken('card', card, callback);

To begin with, card information is directly sent from the browser to Omise’s servers. Pay.js creates a one-time-use token. This ensures that sensitive data never touches your servers and is protected in transit.

charge = Omise::Charge.create({
  amount:      100025,
  currency:    "thb",
  description: "Order-345678",
  return_uri:  "http://localhost/orders/345678/complete",
  card:        params[:omise_token]

When ready to charge, the token and charge amount is sent to us using this code.

With a token, you could either charge the card right away or save it as a customer for later use.

transfer = Omise::Transfer.create(amount: 100000)

Conveniently transfer funds from your Omise account to your connected bank account using our API.

For marketplaces, we also support transfers to multiple recipients.

Omise Heart 86e4f978e8b2427e7bd97128be2fc5bc51549edc925fa2133a57ec3d6b7da807 open source

At Omise we believe we need to work in public and open source as much of our infrastructure as possible. Our libraries and docs are freely available on Github and our engineers are committed to work with the community and contribute back.

Start fast. Scale big.

Start accepting online payments right on your store with Omise today.