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Insurance Service
“Omise’s APIs and the ease of integration definitely helped us a lot. Adding new payment methods was straightforward for the engineering team.”
Federico Brandi
Chief Marketing Manager
PromptPay, e-wallets
Insurance service

Roojai is a licensed insurance broker specializing in both vehicle and health insurance. Since its inception in 2016, Roojai has changed the way hundreds of thousands of people across Thailand buy and renew their insurance today.

Encouraging good driving and healthy living is their motivation. As an insurtech platform company, Roojai brings innovation to the traditional insurance industry by using new technologies and improving processes. This covers every aspect from product design to pricing model and claims.

Leading the way in digital innovation for insurance

“Insurance is a traditional business and is highly regulated. In many markets, including Thailand and others in Southeast Asia, insurance is very complex, can be a hassle to buy, is expensive and the quality of service is not great.”

As an online insurance broker, Roojai’s main customer touch-points and sales channels are the website, mobile app, and call center. Their mission is to provide simple, affordable, and reliable insurance to customers through innovation and technology.

Effective customer interaction without in-person meetings

The Roojai customer journeys are online through the website and over-call through the contact center. Customers can get a quote from the website and can either continue to complete their purchase online or request a call from the call center team. Since all sales happen online, Roojai partnered with Omise in the early days for online payments.

“Motor is the biggest share of all insurance sales on Roojai’s portfolio. 20% of new customers buy completely online through, while 80% ask for a call with our team before buying. This shifts to 50:50 for policy renewals. We use Omise for all website, mobile application, and telephone transactions.”

Website transactions

The checkout form is embedded into the website and mobile app for a seamless user experience. In addition to all major card brands, Roojai recently started accepting payments through PromptPay and the two most popular e-wallets in Thailand, Rabbit LINE Pay and TrueMoney Wallet.

Telephone transactions

For telephone transactions, customers go through an equally seamless and secure payment process. Following the conversation with an agent, Roojai sends a link to customers through SMS. This link directs the customer to a payment page with the same flow as users buying online through the website.

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“People don’t want to give away their card number with CVV. The customer trusts the company, but with individual agents, it can be dangerous. Sharing credit card credentials with other people can lead to fraud later on.”

This payment flow protects both the customer, the agent, and the company. By sending a payment link via SMS, sensitive data is not shared with the agent or company, but goes through the payment gateway, ensuring that the company remains compliant with PCI standards.

Policy renewals

The collection journey for installments and policy renewals are also made simple for customers. A few days before the payment date, Roojai sends a reminder via email or SMS. And once the payment is successful (or fails), the customer gets notified once again.

The results

Through technology, Roojai has standardized procedures and transformed traditional, paper-based processes into intuitive digitalized experiences. No matter which channel customers choose to buy from, they all go through the same seamless and secure process.

“Omise’s APIs and the ease of integration definitely helped us a lot. Adding new payment methods was straightforward for the engineering team. Last year, we added PromptPay, and this year two new e-wallets, Rabbit LINE Pay and TrueMoney Wallet. This has helped us expand the possibility of payments to our customers. Instead of directly going through all the different providers, we just go through Omise. It’s much easier and is already a process that we know.”

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“Tokenization is also another beneficial technology. Credit cards are stored with Omise and do not go through our servers, and that allows for more security on our end and also allows for recurring payments for renewals.”

“The overall experience working with Omise has been very positive. Both from the technical and finance & operations perspective.”

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