"We believe that all payment gateways are safe, but Omise has made it clear that the system is built to be secure by default. It is PCI DSS certified and also comes with reliable fraud detection technology."
Eakaphon Jaratwatcharachai
Assistant Manager - Product Analyst
Card payments
E-commerce platform

Kaidee Office

Kaidee aims to be Thailand’s most dynamic and customer-friendly online marketplace for used items. It believes the more simple and convenient the trading platform, the more it can help improve the Thai people’s lives. With a clear goal, Kaidee has, in just four years, become the largest marketplace for second-hand products with 7M visitors and over 1B page views per month.

What is Kaidee trying to solve?

We believe that buying and selling second-hand items is useful and should be accessible to all Thai people. Despite overflowing cupboards in homes and the common “nothing to sell” phrase, Kaidee aims to offer the best possible platform for buyers and sellers to get their trading done faster and easier.

To achieve this goal, (through the eyes of a product analyst), offering user-friendly and market-oriented products are what to aim for. At Kaidee our users are the priority. All products launched and decisions made are based on our users. Here, doing market research is a must and learning a product’s ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ is a crucial procedure during the development stage.

We’re creating a win-win-win situation. A win for sellers. A win for buyers. A win for all Thais.

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What is Kaidee Egg?

Kaidee Egg is a form of e-credit which is used to subscribe to the 'Bump' service. We introduced SMS as the pilot payment channel for the bump service. We figured that the majority of users own a mobile phone and this would be the most convenient form of payment to offer. However, after receiving feedback we sought additional methods and decided on enabling credit/debit card payments via payment gateway service provider for customers to purchase such service on Kaidee.

Why eggs? In Thailand, eggs carry a unique meaning when it comes to buying and selling second-hand items.

How does Kaidee convey a sense of security to users who choose to pay by card?

When utilizing a white-labeled payment solution, we rely much on our UX and UI teams to convey a sense of security to users. E-commerce is not new to the Thai market and users have come to learn to look out for security measures like HTTPS, the PCI-DSS certified logo or a symbol of a key. Implementing a payment gateway that works in the background means that there will be no redirections to third-party payment processors during checkouts. This way users know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Selecting a payment gateway that’s right for you…

With countless options for payment gateway service providers, the most difficult task isn’t in deciding which platform is the best. In fact, it’s all the different factors that need to be taken into consideration to determine which is the best solution that suits your business’s specific needs.

Remember it’s vital to always test with your users before implementing and launching. When business is in the fast lane there’s no time to waste implementing something that may or may not work.

Why Omise?

Aside from choosing a payment gateway that allows us to accept credit card payments, one other important aspect which we considered in depth was its security standards. We believe that all payment gateways are safe, but Omise has made it clear that the system is built to be secure by default. It is PCI DSS certified and also comes with reliable fraud detection technology.

How long did it take to implement?

It took us a couple of weeks to implement Omise’s service.


Remember that choosing the right payment gateway is not a trivial decision. Always spare enough time when making a decision and be sure to consider all the necessary features your business needs.

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